Radiologische Allianz Hamburg, Department of Radiation Oncology

Radiologische Allianz Hamburg, Department of Radiation Oncology, Hamburg, Germany

Background, left to right: Arne Blechschmidt, Dipl.-Phys and Sebastian Heyden, Dipl.-Ing.
Front, left to right: Marcello Sabatino, Dipl.-Ing. and Matthias Kretschmer, MSc.


We perform IMRT treatments since 2006. Due to the high patient volume for this technique we were looking for a Treatment Planning System that:

·         Could provide the same high plan quality as existing TPS, and

·         Lowers application times to enable us to do 10 Minute treatment time-slots

The combination of Panther DAO IMRT and ARTISTE with 160MLC has proven beneficial even for difficult tumor configurations, generating high quality, reduced segment plans with low MU. Additionally worth pointing out is the dose calculation with the Collapse Cone method, and the simplicity of creating QA-plans.”

Cedric X.Yu, DSci, FAAPM

"The DAO IMRT planning has consistently generated high quality IMRT plans that require the least amount of delivery time as compared with other commercial planning systems. The dosimetrists using the systems for generating plans are very happy about the ease of use and intuitiveness..."


Paola Penafiel, Cecilia Maldonado (Physicists) and Monica Schwartzmann, MD.

CLC (Clinica Las Condes) has been a DAO IMRT user since October 2009, so our experience is incipient. We have used the program on prostate tumors, and of CNS in pediatrics and adults, and we see it as a friendly and of easy use program. Moreover, it combines very useful tools such as the selection of minimum and maximum MU, minimum segment area, comparison and sum of plans including conventional plans, subsequent replans with modifications of volumes without altering the initial plan, the ability to restrict target and critical volumes starting from relative and absolute dose values. The optimization and calculation algorithm that it uses is fast and has successfully completed dosimetric checks that have been done; showing values according to the standards that we work with.

Helio Salmon Jr., Medical Physicist

"We are very enthusiastic about PROWESS PANTHER, which we consider the fastest and most accurate in the market. It requires the least amount of delivery time, using less segments and MUs. It is user-friendly and the customer service is outstanding. The remote support has been of utmost importance for us, customers who live outside the US."

Marcio Reisner, MD

"We have been using PROWESS PANTHER DAO on a daily basis at our clinic with impressive results. It has proved to be extremely accurate and reliable. Now we are able to perform the state of the art IMRT in breast cancer patients. We are very pleased to have PROWESS as the main treating planning system in our clinic. It is really cost-effective."